STATES OF THE MIDWEST : Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin

  1. Regions Major Cities
    1. Chicago (largest city) -41 degrees N and 87 Degrees W
    2. Detroit
    3. Indianapolis
    4. Columbus
    5. Milwaukee
  2. Major Landforms
    1. Black Hills-A mountain range in South Dakota
    2. Bad Lands-region of tiny steep hills and deep gullies made by erosion.
  3. Resources
    1. beef cattle
    2. beets
    3. wheat
    4. dairy cows
    5. sorghum
      1. Grain sorghum is the third most important cereal crop grown in the United States
    6. corn
    7. grain
    8. poultry
    9. hogs
    10. flower seeds
    11. hay
    12. oats
    13. sheep
    14. oil
    15. coal
    16. gold
    17. copper
    18. iron
    19. lead
    20. crushed stone
    21. natural gas
    22. limestone
  4. Relative Location
    1. The Midwest region is part of the U.S.A and is located in the northern and western hemispheres. The U.S.A is bordered by Canada and Mexico. All of which are located on the continent North America, which is part of the world, and the world is part of the milky way and the milky way is part of the universe.
As you can see here, the midwest region is very religiously divided

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  2. weather
    1. January
      1. The Midwest is fairly cold and dry during January. The further north you go in the Midwest, the colder it gets.
    2. July
      1. It is very warm and humid in July in the Midwest. More rain falls during July because of the thunderstorms caused by hot and humid afternoons. The northern part of the region still averages out to be mostly sunny with less humidity.
    3. Weather Record Breakers
      1. The hottest recorded temperature in the Midwest/Ohio Valley region is
        118 degrees Fahrenheit in Keokuk, Iowa on July 20, 1934.
      2. The coldest recorded temperature is -54 degrees Fahrenheit in Danbury,
        Wisconsin on January 24, 1922.
  3. Major Landforms
    1. Black Hills-A mountain range in South Dakota. Located at 38 degrees N and 103 Degrees W


  1. Major Resources
  2. Dairy- the Midwest region is well known for they're dairy products. Some companies include Kemps, Borden, and Roundy's
  1. Economic Issues
    1. the Midwests economy has very similar economic problems as the rest of the U.S.A
      1. Auto industries are shutting down causing people to lose their jobs
      2. The amount of people that dont have jobs hurts the government because every month they have to send them a unemployment check, you only get an unemployment check if you got fired or let go from your old well-paying job
      3. although banks are making a come around, they still hurt the economy because the banks corporate office made stupid mistakes
  1. Why people live here
    1. Most people in the midwest region choose to live there but others jobs make them live there. Some people live there because they dont like big cities like New York, New York and enjoy smaller towns like pewaukee.Although they're crazy, some people even live here cause they like the weather. People also live here because of our tax rates and unique things we offer here.
  2. How are goods transported
    1. In the Midwest goods mainly get transported to and from there destination by a semi truck. Although if people want the goods right away they choose for it to be flown in on planes. In the Midwest we use ground and air transport, but the Midwest doesnt use many ships or freight shipping because there is not that much ocean around us, in fact theres none


  1. Indianapolis Motor Speed Way- Indiana/home of the indianapolis 500 mile race
  2. Mt. Rushmore- South Dakota/ Rock carving of four of our presidents
  3. St. Louis Arch- Missouri/ iconic image of St. Louis, Missouri
  1. Football Hall of Fame- Ohio/this is where the best of the best football players are recognized
  2. Abraham Lincoln's home- Illinois/ The 16th presidents home

The Wright Brothers


Henry Ford

Walt Disney

Abraham Lincoln